The ‘black box’ refers to a system or device whereby the transfer characteristics (the input/output) maybe known or visible but the internal workings & influences upon these characteristics is unknown.


Contemporary cities are increasingly becoming like a black box.


Urban Knights runs as a series of talks & workshops, which brings together people who reveal the characteristics, which define urban governance and/or present new approaches to civic life and city futures.


Urban Knights is supported through host institutions and venues within each country. The hosts support the promotion, marketing and production of each event and without their input and collaboration Urban Knights would not be possible.

Urban Knights is organised and directed by artist, researcher and Professor of City Futures, UWE: Teresa Dillon: polarproduce.org. 


2017: Berlin, Partners: 34A. Bristol, Partners:  Spike Island, Contemporary Arts Centre. Thanks: Helen Legg, Georgia Hall, Kelly Wyse

2016: Berlin, Partners: 34A. Aberdeen, Partners: Peacock Visual Arts, 17 Gallery. Bristol, Partners: Digital Cultural Research Centre (DCRC), University of the West of England. Thanks: Nick Triggs, Mandy Rose, Angela Lennon, Lindsay Gordon, Kelly Wyse, Lydia Goolia. Supporters: Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen City Council & Year of Architecture, Scotland and the Digital Cultures Research Centre, UWE, Bristol.

2015. Berlin, Partners: 34A with venue management and co-host Yara Pascale Fuessel. Vienna, Partners: Urbanize! Festival. Thanks: Kat Anderson,  Lydia Goolia. Supporters: Irish Embassy Berlin and Vienna and Urbanize! Festival.

2014. Berlin, Partners: Denekeri, LEAP, Transmediale & Studio Weise7. Vienna, Partners: Partners: Artistic Bokeh, quartier21 & Paradocks.Thanks: Marina Sawall & Bazon Brock at Denekeri, John McKiernan at LEAP, Kristoffer Gansing & Linnea Kotiniemi at Transmediale, Nils Gabriel, Andrew Newman,  Matthias Tarasiewicz & Marianne Fobel at ArtisticBokeh; Margot Deerenberg at Paradocks and quartier 21 team.

2013. Dublin, Partners: Science Gallery. Print: Freddie Stevens. Marketing and promotions: Science Gallery. Video documentary: Matt Boyd. Image documentary: Freddie Stevens. Berlin, Partners: BetaHaus & Studio Weise7. Marketing and promotions: Sveta Kuzmenko & Irene Kotnik. Print: Irene Kotnik. Video documentary: Peter Baumann. Image documentary: Van Black. Thanks: Peer Warnke, Stefano Losa & Madeline Gummer at Betahaus; Danja Vasiliev engineer & chef, Studio Weise7; Andre Wakko & Paulo at SomoS Gallery, Science Gallery, Dublin team, Ruža Leko, Freddie Stevens,  Fionn Kidney, Shaun O’Boyle, Roisin McGann & Lucy Whitaker and Dublin City Council, The Studio team. Supporters: Dublin City Council, Science Gallery Dublin, PLACES, a Framework 7 project by the European Commission.

Web credits: Graphics and icons: Ruža Lenko, Freddie Stevens,  Nils Gabriel, Tom Metcalfe: Programming: Ingmar Standke. Wireframes and content: Teresa Dillon

Special thanks: To all the people who have presented at Urban Knights and to our audiences for their ongoing support.



Urban Knights places emphasis on practice and real-world situations, rather than theory or hypothesis. At each event speakers present and discuss their work for 10-mins, followed by questions and conversations with the audience. Each event last two hours and in keeping presentations short, the aim is to introduce 1-2 key elements that relate to the work and provide time for meeting the speakers and audience members.

Venue & Booking: 2017

Urban Knights currently runs as a free event, given this places are limited and booking is required.

Book for all events via EventBrite. Go to Where and When for venue locations.